Never under-estimate or hate any individuals. Every human being has got the fire in him it is that ardent zill which is required to be shown by the company, that works like a sparkle to ignite that.

Propritor Info_express







We are your one stop solutions if you have any of the following demand:



We give AMC for computers, assemble new PC's on demand etc.



We undertake task for making 

     a) Animations for various project work or assist in making different projects.

     b) Animated documentary  of offices, hotels, including photo and video.

     c) Still and video photo editing etc.


Web site designing 

     a) It is to inform you that  we are skill full competent, and creative web site designer. 

     b) This site is developed in 'html', 'flash', scripting etc. in-spite that we also design website based on 'php' as required by the clients. 



     a) We undertake full tasks of network designing for homes, shops, offices.

     b) We design and configure existing windows platform to Linux and vice  versa.

     c) We configure mail server, DNS server, Web-server, proxy servers for internet, etc. for home  or office requirements on demand on windows as well as Linux platform i.e Linux network administration.

     d) Consultancy on any aspect.

     e) Undertake project work in VC++(MFC)


We are likely to inform you about our activities which are required and are furnished herewith for taking necessary action at your end. In this regard we must say that we are very much ready to work with you.  

It is assured that we will be able to satisfy you if you provide an opportunity to render our capabilities keeping ourselves under your command of requirements.

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