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Natyaanan is an aware theatre group that believes theatre to be instrumental in bringing about social change and upholding ethical values consequently, “Correspondence of Thought” is the thriving force of the group. Natyaanan upholds appositive attitude towards people and society, within eye to protest social ills and bring about socio-political change.


Born of Natyaanan

Natyaanan (The face of Theatre) was established as a theatre group in Kolkata, India in 1989. Natyaanan works mostly in Bengali, the seventh most spoken language in the world. Born as a very humble theatre group, Natyaanan has inched its way gradually to become a moving force in contemporary Bengali Theatre, having made its mark with several exciting productions over the 17 years of its existence.



The end of the eighties signaled a massive change in the political climate of the world and Bengali Theatre was not spared. Most of the famed directors were aging fast and befuddled by the sweeping changes, were mostly spent forces. A “Catharsis” was taking place with the arrival of a corps of young directors of a new generation. The time was witnessing the emergence of a new kind of sensitivity in the theatre that bore witness to the changing profile of the pet themes that had hitherto dominated Bengali Theatre. The incursion of various neo-imperial forces into the political environment of India had rendered the socialistic style of political theatre powerless. The old guard of Thespian were losing enthusiasm for producing serious anti-feudal, political plays and were fast looking for commercially viable productions that greed with the trade winds of fashion and public taste. Natyaanan arrived out of this necessity to restore the social and cultural relevance of theatre in Bengali life, its value as a socially and politically responsible medium of artistic expression.



Natyaanan desires to change the face of Bengali Theatre through its dogged efforts to fight against all odds to keep producing good, total socially and politically meaningful, human theatre. We want to ensure the survival and good health of Bengali theatre in climate where people are increasingly living life vicariously through the virtual realities of television and the internet. Natyaanan remains rooted in the real, tied to all that is relevant to our human condition.


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