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Chandan Sen
G-14, Christopher Road, Kolkata-700014 / W B, India
91 33 245 1315 / 94330 35713
chandansen2000@yahoo.com       chandan63sen@hotmail.com

Date of Birth
26th Feb 1963.

BA Graduate.

Disciple of Shri Utpal Dutta & Roma Prosad Bonik in Theater.

As Actor

Chandan has joined Theater groups from 1977, since then he has enacted in numerous numbers of theater groups.
From 1997 Chandan joined NATYA ANAN THEATER GROUP as Creative Director as well as an actor.

Chandan got his first T V assignment as an actor in 1985. Since then he has acted in more than 3000 episodes in daily soaps and more than 30 tele-films and few commercials.

Feature Film
Chandan has acted in more than 30 films under eminent directors from state as well as country. Few of those films acclaimed National and International awards and recognition, such as "Mr. & Mrs. Ayer" by Aparna Sen, "Bariwali" by RWituparno Ghosh & couple of films.

As Director
In theater, Chandan started directing theater from 1981. He has started his directorial ventures with Shree Robindro Nath Thakur, and then onwards he has worked with the texts of different playwrights of the Eastern & Western World.
Chandan has directed more than 20 full-length plays up till today.

His first international directorial venture happened at 2nd Avn off -off Broadway production in New York City. Chandan has worked with regular professional 'EQUITY' actors in 1999 / 2001.

Chandan has started his first Television direction with one of the most prestigious daily soap-'AK AKASHER NICHE'. He had shot more than 100 episodes. Chandan has shot only two tele-films up till now.

Chandan got his first highest state award in 1997 playing 'prospero' in 'Tempest' by Shakespeare.
'Best villain role played of the year' in daily soap 1998.
'Exceptional talent of the year' 1999.





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