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I was working on sea going ships as a Marine Officer. But at the age of 30, suddenly one accident took my ability to move from chest to below. I last worked as a Chief Officer. I passed my Master Mariner in the UK. I am now 49, but still surviving...

How Do I Pass My Time Now ?

Operating computer with splint

I spend my time on computer mostly. I operate computer by means of a wooden splint in my hand. A Pencil fitted on the splint does the job of a finger.

Do I really get fed up at times ? Many people keep on wondering about this. Don't I fall into depression any time ? Yes (10%) and No (90%). I try to overcome my depression by keeping myself busy on computer related things. I sit on the wheelchair at about 12 pm., and then how time passes I don't know myself. I get down on bed again at about 9 pm. In between, I take break for prayers, tea, coffee etc. And rest of the times my eyes are stuck on the Monitor. I need to take more breaks though, otherwise my eyes will be gone (lol). That will be too disastrous.

So the computer... It really helps !

Pictures over Time with Disability

On Oct,1993

1993 - Accident Year


On July, 2005
2004 - Started to gain weight

On Jan, 2008

2008 - CRP, Savar

On Jan, 2009

2009 - Export Fair, Dhaka


Time Line :

I was born in a small town named Rangpur in Bangladesh on 29th October.
Childhood in Dhaka then in East Pakistan.
Started going to primary schools in Mauripur, Karachi, Pakistan.
Liberation war started. We were still in Pakistan. Whole Bangladeshi community who were in Air Force of Pakistan were forced to stay in a small camp named Warsak in Peshawar. It was a confined space. So, we were mad to come out to the free country named Bangladesh.
Repatriated back to Bangladesh. Spent my teen years in the college named Momenshahi/Mirzapur Cadet College. I completed my SSC and HSC in that college.
Started getting trained for a carrier as a Marine Officer at Juldia Marine Academy in Chittagong.
Worked in various sea going ships in different posts or capacity.
Got Married after 1 year of love affair on 18th May.
An accident took place in the month of 26th May. While diving in a swimming pool I became paralysed from chest to down.
1993- 2004

I was engaged in doing almost nothing. But then I took interest in computers, from the second year of my injury. This ordinary 486 computer, with a monochrome monitor was bought by my Marine Academy batch mates of 17th batch, my good buddies. This ordinary PC was very costly then.

I spent 1st few months in playing games. I learnt my 1st DOS command " DIR" from my younger brother. But then I quickly started picking up everything. I learnt DOS, then Windows 3.1.

I thought, I should teach the youngsters. So, I opened a school in my small room to teach some basics, DOS and software such as - Lotus, Word Perfect, Dbase - then later on Windows 95, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, FoxPro etc. I continued teaching students from the neighbourhood three years from then. After teaching about less then 100 students, I lost interest in teaching.

But, one good thing happened, I have developed very good computer skills.

2005- onwards

2005 had  been a great year for me. Marine Community all around world raised a fund guided by Capt. S. M. Abdullah. They bought me a power (electric) wheelchair (See the photos here). This chair brought a sharp change in my lifestyle.

So far I had been jailed inside my small room. This power chair accelerated my mobility to go outside and see the busy city. I am doing most of my shopping by myself, going to park, restaurants etc. I know, I have least possibility to regain my sensation, but going outside by my own by pressing a joy stick reduced my frustration by a significant amount.

I still pass my most of the times with computers. Now I have HP DV7 quadriplegic core very speedy Laptop and a Pentium IV PC with 21" LCD color monitor, scanner, webcam, printer, cable line with 24/7 Internet connection. I try to do small programming by means of Visual Basic version 6.

I am now a professional web designer. I know html, PHP, MySQL, Joomla, Word Press for web application. I shall be very thankful if any kind heart person employ me for any web site building job. I shall give my 100%.

Otherwise, I watch TV and for nothing remain busy with Internet etc.

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